Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Well of course if both my wife and I like a comic, it will be cancelled. Mike Allred has announced that Marvel's X-Statix will be ending later this year in this interview.

Damn. As I think I'd posted before, X-Statix is the only "X-Men" book of the gazillions they publish I actually read. With writer Peter Milligan it's been a witty, vicious and subversive satire of celebrity, pop culture and comic books for the last few years. It's gone up and down in quality but when it's been on it's been a giddy pop thrill. I think the end was signified when Marvel developed cold feet about the creators' planned storyline that would return Princess Di from the dead and make her a member of the team (I am not making this up). The storyline eventually appeared but all references to Di were removed and a generic European pop singer was put in her place. That editorial mucking about kinda took the air out of "X-Statix," but I'll still be sad to see it go.

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