Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Ah, "Googling." It's always fun to google your name and see what comes up. But with the little site counter I have on this site, I can backtrack and see what brings some people to this blog by looking at the referral links. Lots come from other blogs or blog directories, which is the beauty of the blogosphere, but some also end up at this site through Google searches that for some reason, cull me in there through a few random words included in this blog.

A sample of searches that brought people here recently:
• "Frodo fairbanks smoke." (Alaskan hobbit stoners?)
• the shins zach braff garden state
• "lawn mower blades" dull blades with pictures (lawnmower porn?)
• jay-z misogynist
• smax toybox relationship incest (I don't even want to know)

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