Tuesday, May 25, 2004

...So during 'The Simpsons' last night the wife and I had the misfortune to catch the 'Catwoman' trailer, this summer's would-be spandex hit starring Halle Berry. Now I know the fanboy buzz on this has been poisonous, so I certainly wasn't expecting Fellini, but -- Good. Lord. This looks so awful that the very word awful may have to be scoured from the dictionary to make up for it. It actually makes the fanboys at geekfests like Ain't It Cool News seem reasonable in their fiery disdain: "Milk. Straight, no chaser." Halle Berry in a shredded cheeseball 'costume' that defies belief. And the sign of every good movie, it co-stars Sharon Stone. Holy mother of moses.
If "The Hulk" and "The Punisher" didn't kill the comic book movie boom dead then this one certainly will give it a solid whack in the beejoobies. At least there's "Spider-Man 2" to look forward to....

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