Friday, May 7, 2004

...I try to stay far away from politics in this blog o' mine, mainly because whenever I start to type about our Crusader-in-chief I see funny red spots pop up in my eyes, and besides these days everyone is either on one "side" or another and there's very little room in between for debate. And besides, there's already a hell of a lot of blowhards babbling on these days anyway.

But the prisoner abuse story breaking out these days is one that should make all Americans, right or left, feel the twinge of shame and confusion. The New Yorker magazine this week is supposed to have a lengthy report by veteran writer Seymour Hersh, which I both look forward to and dread reading if it's anything as gruesome as some of the reports I've seen. While the vast majority of our servicemen and women are decent folk, it's clear that there's a few loathsome psychopaths lurking in the fatigues out there.

I think it's pretty clear Donald Rumsfeld is being set up to take a fall over it, and while he might ooze his way out of it, if he goes, I can't say there'll be any tears shed for the man. The dance we're seeing going on right now between GW 'standing behind' his defense secretary and what's going on behind closed doors is usually a pretty good indication someone's about to go down. Frankly, when I think about some of Rumsfeld's unstinting arrogance and boneheaded failures to provide enough troops or support for the troops already serving — losing his job couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

End of political rant. Go read some comic books.

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