Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Blogger Bill Sherman turns in a nice review of the first volume in Fantagraphics' phantasmagoric "The Complete Peanuts," the long-awaited reprinting in 25 twice-a-year volumes of the entire 50-year-run of what, I think I can fairly say, was probably the greatest comic strip of them all. The online reviews are glowing and just kill me as I still have to wait another week or so for my copy to arrive in my monthly shipment o' comics goodness. I'll definitely post my thoughts when I get it, but without a doubt, Fantagraphics' project is the best thing to happen in comics for a long time. When I was younger and a reader of the piecemeal, non-chronological and scattered collection of Schulz' cartoon, I would have idle dreams that one fine day, it could all be collected in order from start to finish (I know, I had very geeky idle dreams as a lad). It's the year 2004, and it's finally happening. I do believe in the Great Pumpkin, I truly do!

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