Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Parents! Tired of changing diapers? Wish there were an easier way? Then welcome to Natural Infant Hygiene! Diapers are a way of the past with this innovative science. What does it take, you ask? Simple! You simply take your baby and hold him/her over the toilet bucket every single time they need to, um, do their business. Away from the toilet? Just carry a handy bucket with you!

No joke: Natural Infant Hygiene. Avril pointed out this site to me today and it was the subject of much gawking. And I quote: When the baby has to go, the parent holds him or her in a comfortable position over an appropriate toilet place and makes a cueing sound (perhaps a gentle "sss").

I know there's as many ways to parent out there as there are kids, and hey, if this works for someone, groovy. But having been a parent for all of three months, I can tell you there's no way in hell we could do this without diapers. Just doing cloth diapers like we've been is a fairly radical step to many in our Wal-Mart society. But for me, I think the "natural infant hygiene" method takes things a little further than I'm willing to take them. Yeesh.

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