Friday, May 21, 2004

...And we're back. A fine week's vacation, too short like most getaways are, but we had a swell time with Baby Peter and my parents and brother at a condo near Mount Hood. Lots of gallivanting around Portland and Columbia Gorge and the required visit to Powell's, finest and largest bookstore in the known universe.

It was our first major getaway with Baby Peter in tow, and it was mostly successful. He turned 3 months old Tuesday so he isn't quite as hard to handle as he'll surely be when he achieves full mobility and the ability to be contrary (as my parents gleefully reminded us). But he is high-maintenance, needing feeding every hour or two, diaper changes, naps, and the whole gamut. We're definitely on "baby time" now rather than adult time, so everything we tried to do took a little longer.

But Baby Peter had lots of most excellent novel experiences, including his first restaurant meal (as a spectator, and he only had to be taken from the table twice), his first visit to a waterfall, his first experience of being exposed to snow flurries and extreme cold (a miscalculation which resulted in much howling), his first visit to a bookstore, his first street fair at Portland's Saturday Market (and an annoying loud band which also resulted in much howling), his first visit with his Uncle Chas, and much more. We really wanted to try and make it to a joint rally by John Kerry and Howard Dean in Portland's Pioneer Square Monday night, but the hourlong drive downtown, the baby and dealing with crowds and security convinced us not to push our luck.

While definitely not as relaxing as pre-baby vacations, it reassured us it is possible and we'll get another test in August when we take a week's trip to visit everyone in California... Anyway, now that's it's back to work and daily deadlines and all the news that's fit to print, I'll ease back in to bloggery here, several comics reviews I've been meaning to write and other blathering to continue as before...

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