Monday, May 10, 2004

Sweet mother of molasses, the good people at Blogger went nuts and added a ton of swell new features to their services, so there's a new look for Spatula Forum today. I'd actually been toying around a bit with the coding because I wasn't entirely satisfied with the look of things, but me trying to understand CSS and HTML is a bit like a blind monkey trying to write the works of Shakespeare (which explains why mysterious lines, boxes and obscure Swahili curses came and went on this blog the past few days). Thanks also to the nice peoples over at bloggerforum for their kind comments and input, especially thecat and flipflop (sound like Dick Tracy villains, don't they) for enjoying the so-called content I try to provide.

Now thanks to Blogger, I don't have to fiddle with that techy stuff and here she is, a little shinier around the edges I think. Hope you like. I haven't quite figured out if I have the comments system up and running correctly yet but please stay tuned, all systems will go sooner or later...

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