Monday, May 31, 2004

Finally got around to going through the stacks 'n' stacks of baby photos we've taken since Peter was born back in February. The changes sneak up on you like the wind! I kind of felt like he was the same baby he was upon purchase but he's already changed so much. He was a tiny little bug of a thing, swimming in all his baby clothes and not doing much besides sleeping/eating/pooping. Three months on, he's developed a personality, laughing and sucking on his hands and making funny little gurgles and sputters and squawks. Heavier to pick up and ever so curious with his big bulging eyes about all the world he's in. Although we knew he was changing it sort of hits home when you look back at just a short time ago to see how far he's come.

Avril is a big fan of checking him against all these "developmental checklists" although we do take them with a grain of salt and he seems to be well in line with them. He's a happy baby, really, who doesn't spend hours on end screaming, so far, thankfully. We already kind of miss the tiny sleepy gnome we brought home from the hospital although the more demanding midget we have now is equally great; it's just kind of sad in a way to realize that with every passing day he will never be this way again, even though we know how much we still have to look forward to with him.

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