Thursday, February 2, 2006

POLITICS: Write your own speech!

Image hosting by Photobucket...Yeah, I didn't watch the State of the Union last night, and I'm a journalist. Bad form, eh? I can't handle the things. Even when Bill Clinton, who's a far better public speaker than either Bush, was in office, I tuned out usually. These glorified cheerleading opportunities/wish lists are long on rhetoric, short on substance, and I can't handle the breaking-WHOOOHOO--into the --CLAPCLAPCLAP-- speech every few sec—HURRAH!—seconds for applause.

Instead, I'm making my own speech. Yes, kids, you too can be the President! Write your own State of the Union speech!

You must use at least 8 of the words below in your speech excerpt. Extra points for squinting a lot! The best speech excerpt you put below in comments gets a special prize!! Just a couple sentences, if you want.
"Kermit the frog"
"malt liquor"
"weapons of mass destruction"

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