Saturday, February 11, 2006

ETC.: Wake me up before I go-go

Woke up at 4:30 a.m. or so this morning absolutely alert, and that was that. Eurgghhhggg. It's going to be a long long day. Did manage to read some more of "The Golden Compass" before stumbling out of bed to shower, quite an interesting book. I'd heard it was fantasy in the lines of "Harry Potter"/"Narnia" type stuff, Avril read them a few years ago and liked them, but it's actually quite a few shades darker, and quite inventive stuff so far. Be interested in seeing where it goes and if I'm up for reading the rest of Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy...

Anyway, sleep deprivation means random unfocused posting*!
(*As long as freakin' Blogger cooperates and lets me post this sometime today; I only wrote it six hours ago...)

ITEM! At one point in one of my geekier moods I was planning on posting a huge dissection of the awful recent storyline in the Spider-Man comics, "The Other." This story is shocking in its sheer badness, ineptness and failure to succeed on almost any level (not to mention extraordinarily bad editing, such as a character breaking an arm one issue and being totally fine the next). It had potential, but wow, was it dribbled away. Anyway, I'm saved from having to write this because one of my favorite Spidey bloggers, MadGoblin, is back in action and delivers an excellent analysis of this inept story that echoes my feelings exactly. One of my favorite comic reviewers is spot-on as always; check out his Web site (under re-construction still a bit).

ITEM! I missed the boat on the whole "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" thing way back when, because while it was really critically acclaimed it was one of those shows it looked like you had to get in on the ground floor to appreciate, and because to an outsider's eyes the vampire makeup looked a little dorky. But now that I am Joss Whedon's bitch thanks to "Firefly," I decided that I should take advantage of Netflix to catch up on "Buffy" and see what all the fuss is about. So my ambitious (likely TOO ambitious) goal is to watch all seven seasons gradually in coming months. We watched the first three episodes recently and quite dug it; it's clear now the plastic-vampire look is part of the show's mojo, and while in the early episodes it's still a little clunky, there's already a lot to like - it's all like "Beverly Hills 90210" meets "X-Files." Watch this space as I become a "Buffy"-braniac in coming months...

ITEM! Finally, piss away some time today (er, sorry) with Urinals.Net, perhaps the most fascinating Web site of our time. Ever wanted to know what the johns look like in Berlin, Sudan or Chicago? I find this site mysteriously addictive. Best of all, one of Roseburg's proud establishments is featured on this page – and I might add, this urinal is freakin' gigantic. It dwarves moral men and makes us all feel inadequate. And that's a fitting note to leave for the weekend on...

Man, my brain feels fuzzy.

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