Friday, March 10, 2006

LIFE: Out of the Antipodes

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...Alas, all good vacations must come to an end, and so tomorrow we begin our epic trek from New Zealand back to Oregon (13 hours or so on plane, 3 hours on car, followed by another 8 hours or so in car -- jeepers, that's nearly 24 hours of traveling!). But it's colored by the knowledge that we'll be back here in another 7-8 months or so, Peter and his same-aged cousin Louis will be frolicking on the beach again, and, oh yeah, Avril and I will be looking for gainful employment on the other side of the world. A great adventure it will all be even if we're plagued by second thoughts between now and then.

Hope you few constant readers have enjoyed the blogging from down under. Regular ranting and reviewing to begin again sometime next week after I've recuperated from the immense stress of 3 weeks' vacation time...

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