Friday, September 24, 2004

...Went to the ear/nose/throat doc to have him check out my poor ear (see previous post). Turns out I have an actual ear infection (it's never promising when the doctor sticks the thingie in your ear and goes, "Oh, that doesn't look good). Never had one before and no clue what caused it as I felt fine just a week ago. Fortunately there's no serious damage and it can apparently be treated with antibiotic drops, so hopefully I'll regain my hearing in that ear again soon. The way my luck with doctors has gone lately I figured they'd say I had an impacted ear mite or something requiring painful surgery and ugly consequences.

Finally found the new Elvis Costello CD as well as the swell new Green Day album, both of which I'll hopefully post about sooner or later. Burgeoning pile of stuff to read and things to hear but somehow when I'm at home it's all subverted to the drive to play with baby.

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