Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Five years of blogging and not one post that was actually about spatulas

PhotobucketUntil now.

From wikipedia:
A turner (in British English), or fish slice, is a kitchen utensil with a long handle and a broad flat edge, used for lifting fried foods. Though the word spatula is used in British English, it refers solely to a mixing and spreading implement. Often the plate scraper is referred to as a spatula. In some parts of Scotland (e.g. Glasgow or Victoria Halls) the spatula is also known as a tosser which refers to the tossing of omelettes or pancakes.

The word spatula, known in English since 1525, is a diminutive form of the Latin term spatha, which means a broad sword (as in spatharius) or a flat piece of wood and is also the origin of the words spade (digging tool) and spathe.

Lightning round!
Want to see the biggest spatula in the world? Glad you asked.

Want to chill out with some beats and think about spatulas? Spatula City Records is your place to go. Or trance-rock out with Mystical Spatula. Alternatively, get heavy with the metal band Spatula (who really should get an umlaut and be called Spätüla).

Spatulas are not trowels.

PhotobucketWould you like a virtual spatula? Share with someone you love.

If you're an ichthyologist, perhaps atractosteus spatula is more your speed.

A cinemaniac? Meet Spatula Boy. Or another entirely different Spatula Boy.

...Hungry for more blogs that have spatula in the title for no apparent reason? My soul brother at Giant Spatula. Which is a far better name really. Or Little Spatula. Learn about the Golden Spatula Institute. By god, Or Lick The Spatula.

Or just abandon all hope with the Spatula Of Death.

And the final word, from Weird Al:

Happy fifth blog-iversary to me!

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