Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ETC.: It's Monday and my day off!

It's Monday and it's time for blueberry waffles! But first, some random bloggery:

• Peter's new favorite word? "Um."
As in, "Peter, did you jam Daddy's toothbrush down the bathroom sink?"
Peter: "Ummmmm....."

• I'm a reviewing machine! Two more reviews of mine for BlogCritics are online over there – Southern Culture on the Skids, "Doublewide and Live," and "Wolf Tracks: The Best of Los Lobos." Go read 'em and make me feel loved.

• This has been around the Web a few times, but it's still awesome. How to make "Garfield" over from lame gag machine into dark psychological drama -- take out all Garfield's words. And behold, you have a pseudo-zen comic about a lonely psycho who talks to his cat and never gets a response. Go check them out at the above link (scroll down to see more), and here's a sample.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Jim Davis can't sue me as this is protected under limited use for "satire." Er, I think.

• So one of the sites we read often is a New Zealand Immigration forum. A recent post by a Romanian-to-New Zealand immigant offers this insight which I had to share. I shall leave the author anonymous:
"The nature is NZ (otherwise not virgin or untouched) no doubt is fabulous… but there are some minuses. You may see gorgeous bitches and great see water…but you can only watch…the water is very cold even on the mid summer and laying down on the bitch more that 10-15 minutes can harm you as far as the NZ sun is very dangerous."
...Don't lay on the sandy bitches in New Zealand.

Image hosting by Photobucket• Oh my lord, I have to read this comic someday. The Very Worst Batman Story of the Silver Age, which features the debut (and dare I say, only appearance) of the following: Batbaby. Y'see, Batman's turned into a baby by an evil criminal, and, well... OK, it was the fifties. Found at Silver Age Comics, who have enlightened me in ways I dare not speak of.

• Finally, I leave you with this: The Worst Web Site in the World. Found on Webpagesthatsuck.com.

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