Friday, November 11, 2005

LIFE: We interrupt our non-blogging...

OK, I've been a lazy excuse for a blogger this last week, I know. It's the Oregon rains, which descended on us with a mighty windy gust last weekend and dulled my brain.

It's also the spectre of age, for tomorrow I will turn another year older. Yes, I'll be 34, which means I'm officially older than Jesus Christ and middle-aged if I die before age 68. If you really want to show your love for me, get me something off my Amazon wish list and I'll keep you in my heart forever. Or if you don't like me quite that much, just post a nice comment. Or some cake.

Anyway, I plan to celebrate surviving another year by taking the family up to Portland tomorrow for some of the weekend, to get our city fix of bright lights and museums and discount bookstores, oh the glory of it all. Next week I will be a better, older and wiser blogger, I promise.

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