Saturday, November 19, 2005

Great Caesar's ghost, it's my third post in one day! I'm a madman!
It isn't the perfect iPod shuffle, but it's close. Tonight's iPod exercise regime shuffle - with annotations!

She's The One - The Ramones
Drown - Smashing Pumpkins
Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair - Richard Thompson
Hump Me One More Time - John Lee Hooker*
Gone For Good - The Shins
Original Prankster - The Offspring
Magic Finger - James Superstar Kolchaka
(Now And Then) There's A Fool Such As I - Elvis Presley**
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns 'N' Roses***
One Line - PJ Harvey****
Smothered in Hugs - Guided By Voices
It's Just Too Much - The Velvet Underground
A Forest - The Cure
'Cause I Love You - Johnny Cash*****
To The End - Blur

*If there's a finer song title in existence, I don't want to know it.

**I used to consider Elvis strictly as an object of kitsch, after two visits to Graceland and an infinity of Elvis jokes with my old pal John H. It took the greatest hits CDs "1" and "2nd To None" to convince me there was a reason they called him King.

***Yeah, this so-awful-it's-good cover is a guilty pleasure, as is most Guns 'N' Roses. However, it suffers from what I'd call the band's fatal flaw (besides Axl Rose being, how do you say, batshit insane) -- the song goes one a good two minutes longer than it needs to. About the time the idiotic phone call interruption starts and the gospel chorus kicks in, skip to next track. I'd argue the same critical flaw for several of their other songs, except for "November Rain," which goes on so very long that it goes right through the membrane of "suck" and back out into something resembling epic cool again.

****I am torn between the three sexiest women's voices in rock - PJ Harvey, Sinéad O'Connor, or Lucinda Williams.

*****Going to go see "Walk The Line" tomorrow. Hurray!

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