Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday shuffle: Your mom busted in and said what's that noise?

PhotobucketWaiting until it's a suitable time to be ordering Friday night fish'n'chips and making a giant fort of cushions, blankets and assorted paraphernalia/cat trap. It's all for the boy, honest. Because fish'n'chips takeaways instead of McDonald's may not be particularly better for you from a health standpoint, but good god they're yummy in small doses and one of the nice things of being in the commonwealth.

1. Who Are You (Single Edit Version) 4:59 The Who*
2. Ungudi Wele Wele 8:29 Konono NÂș1
3. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 3:59 Michael Jackson**
4. My Little Corner Of The World 2:25 Yo La Tengo
5. Helpless 3:33 Neil Young
6. This Poison 4:21 Magazine
7. Confusion 3:42 Electric Light Orchestra
8. Man, It's So Loud In Here 4:03 They Might Be Giants
9. Your Genius Hands 2:45 Everclear
10. Activa 1:49 Deerhunter***
11. Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over 3:17 Jack White
12. 16 Days 3:54 Whiskeytown
13. Fight For Your Right 2:07 Richard Cheese****
14. He Doesn't Know Why 3:20 Fleet Foxes
15. Open Arms 3:19 Journey*****

* I could be seeing The Who (or rather, Townshend and Daltrey and side men) tomorrow night in Auckland, but just too danged expensive and I don't really like stadium shows. Judging from the huge amount of ads I've seen hawking tickets for the show the last couple days, a lot of other people feeling the same way. Still, kinda wondering if it'd be worth the $200 just to see Pete do that 'windmill' thing one time...
** What is up with the demented "Mickey Mouse" voice interlude in this record? Who thought that was a good idea?
*** Very good space-rock band that put out one of last year's more enjoyable discs.
**** Fish'n'chips are one of life's joys. Richard Cheese's demented lounge-rock parodies are another.
***** Never apologize for Journey.

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