Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Shuffle: You're Playin' With Your Life, This Ain't No Truth Or Dare

...The soundtrack for making pizza for lunch with our friend Denis. And the first truly sunny warm day in eons that falls on a weekend, hurray!

Photobucket1. Not Home Anymore 5:59 Whiskeytown*
2. Department Of Youth 3:18 Alice Cooper
3. I Got You (I Feel Good) 2:47 James Brown
4. Science Fiction, Double Feature 3.00 Various Artists The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack**
5. Wanderlust 3:04 R.E.M.
6. Chain Of Command 2:34 XTC***
7. I Can't Make It On Time 2:33 The Ramones****
8. Oh Sherrie 3:51 Steve Perry *****
9. A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger 4:56 Of Montreal
10. Breath 5:28 Pearl Jam
11. Love Is The Foundation 2:32 Loretta Lynn
12. Everybody's Happy Nowadays 3:12 The Buzzcocks
13. San Francisco Days 3:00 Chris Isaak
14. Start To Move 1:13 Wire
15. My Baby Just Cares For Me 3:04 Nina Simone
16. Beat It 4:18 Michael Jackson******

*From the extraordinarily good new 2-CD Stranger's Almanac Special Edition. Ryan Adams hasn't released a new album in like, what, 6 months. He must be dead.
**I haven't seen this movie in years but I'm kind of afraid to as it's likely to be far cheesier and more dated than I remember.
***For some reason the chaotic strut of early XTC always sounds to me like a marching band on speed.
****I still miss Joey Ramone.
*****In 1987 I had a crush on a girl named Sherry and thus this was the finest song of all times. Don't look at me like that.
******Honestly, this one song still almost makes the last 25 years of horror and comedy for its singer seem worthwhile.

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