Sunday, July 27, 2008

"The force is strong in this one."

PhotobucketAt long last, we have begun indoctrinating the boy in the ways of the Jedi. Thoughts and questions of Peter, age 4 1/2, upon his first viewing of "Star Wars" ("A New Hope," of course) on an extremely rainy, blustery winter Saturday afternoon:

"Why are they having a robot garage sale?"

"Do those aliens make music all the time? Do the aliens make music while they're sleeping?"

"Does Han Solo have any superpowers?"

"Who's that slug man? I hope he [Han Solo] doesn't get eaten because did you know, that slug guy likes eating LOTS of things."

Photobucket"Is [the Death Star] made out of mud? It looks kind of like it's made out of mud."

"That robot looks like a tiny mouse and I can show you my mousey voice sqeeeek squeeek squeeek."

"R2D2 turned off the radio and turned it back on and then made it LOUDER!"

"R2D2 can turn into a fire extinguisher or a screwdriver. He's a changing robot."

"There's an ocean under that garbage floor!"

Final thoughts: "I like Star Wars because it had my toy robot in it!"

And then he was off to run around the house being a TIE fighter.

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