Saturday, July 29, 2006

ETC.: Friday flim-flam

ITEM! ...So the lesson is to be specific, because if you're not, bad things can happen. For instance, don't tell the stylist you want "a really short haircut" because she just might think you mean it and the next thing you know you have a huge shaved patch on the top of your head and it's past the point of no return. Through no fault of the nice stylist, I now have the worst haircut of my adult life. I look like Uncle Fester on a bad day. The scalp shines off my receding hairline with the light of a thousand suns. Flourescent lights at work even less flattering. Sigh. I'm never cutting my hair again. How fast does hair grow, anyway?

ITEM! Wow, it's been so busy I plumb forgot to post that I checked out Kevin Smith's "Clerks II" and dug it, not as good as the original and as always his clumsy/sincere style is kind of an acquired taste, but it amused and offended me enough to recommend. Anyway, I've been too lazy to code the HTML to post it here, so go over here to my day job and read my full review if you like.

ITEM! Good lord, I look at the calendar and realize I'm just barely a month away from quitting my job and embracing poverty before we head to New Zealand in October. I'm hip-deep in special sections, Alice Cooper interviews, packing everything we own and so forth as the final days near and I fear posting will continue to get ever more random. It's a marathon run through August for me.

ITEM! Hey, I've joined the ranks of 14-year-old girls nationwide by finally starting my own MySpace page. Nah, I'm not giving up my preferred online haunt over here, but I just thought it'd be a lark to start. Already found all sorts of strange people I vaguely knew in high school who have now turned into total freaks. And then there's myself, of course. Anyway if you're on there and want to validate my pathetic little existence by being my Friend, I'll be forever grateful. Sob.

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