Tuesday, July 18, 2006

...Still alive, just in case anyone was wondering, but the maelstrom of life has been quite busy. Just about eight weeks now until we leave Oregon and we're rapidly picking up speed, moving downhill toward unknown territory... Now that we're nearing August, the real craziness begins.

Big huge yard sale Saturday was a smashing success, sold close to everything we had out there and no kooks or wackjobs to speak of other than the usual. We made money galore and then celebrated yesterday at the newspaper's staff picnic which I somehow ended up on the organizing committee for this year. Peter ran around being cute and singing his latest, the "A-B-C" song, to anyone who asked. So it's been busy. Tossing and turning in the sweaty summer nights, too much buzzing around the brain to be able to sleep decently... Coffee, coffee, where the hell's my coffee?

Seriously, doesn't anyone want our cat?

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