Saturday, July 17, 2004

Forgive the incredibly immodest chest beating, but congratulate me and my paper anyways. Today was the awards banquet for the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association's Better Newspaper Contest Awards 2004, and we picked up 27 awards so far in our circulation category, the second-largest in the state, and yours truly scored a First Place award for Best Feature - Personality for the second year in a row, along with second and third place honors for Best Special Section. We'll find out tonight if we've won General Excellence or not, which is the top honor of the day.

That best feature award was hard-fought, by the way -- it was a profile of an 83-year-old Russian expatriate painter and former Nazi prisoner of war who was both extremely cantankerous and so heavily accented to be nigh-incomprehensible. (Sample response to question from yours truly: "Vat! Vy you want know dat? Vashdeboyshka! [obscure Russian curse?]") Some serious translation and interviewing on that one to make it work.

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