Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday shuffle: Long time ago when we was fab

PhotobucketSunday morning newspaper-readin' music while waiting for my parents to ring us on Skype from sunny California...

1. Alright 3:13 Electric Light Orchestra*
2. Godless 5:20 The Dandy Warhols
3. Rocket From A Bottle 3:30 XTC**
4. I Wish It Would Rain Down 5:29 Phil Collins***
5. Quiet Houses 3:32 Fleet Foxes
6. Beat Connection 8:07 LCD Soundsystem
7. When We Was Fab 3:57 George Harrison****
8. You Only Live Once 3:09 The Strokes
9. No Son Of Mine 5:46 Genesis*****
10. The Day The World Turned Day-Glo 2:52 X-Ray Spex ******
11. Loud Love 4:57 Soundgarden
12. Chills 3:50 Peter Bjorn & John

* No, no, Jeff Lynne, it's "all right," not "alright." This really bothers me.
** From XTC's ecstatic spaz-pop stage. Music for spasming to!
*** I maintain Phil Collins '80s work as a serious guilty pleasure. I'm not a big Eric Clapton fan, really, but his guitar solos in this tune are straight-up groovy.
**** I love this tune, one of the best evocations of the Beatles era by one who lived through it. Gentle and appreciative nostalgia.
***** What the heck, is it Phil Collins Sunday on my iPod? This song, not quite as good as the "Easy Lover" era Phil - in fact, this is probably a good turning point where Phil started becoming overly mawkish and sentimental as a writer. It's not a terrible tune, but the early 1990s mark a demarcation between "fun" Phil and "serious social issues and lots of lame Disney soundtrack tunes" Phil.
*****I don't think there's a better song title, anywhere, ever.

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