Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Shuffle: Always singing the same old song / same old song

PhotobucketRain rain all the live long day. It's an Auckland summer again.

1. Failure 2:54 The La's*
2. Chesley's Little Wrists 1:16 Pavement
3. Rise 6:18 Public Image Ltd.
4. Violet Eyes 3:51 Meat Puppets
5. Tribulations (Lindstrom Mix) 7:56 LCD Soundsystem
6. Making Time 2:55 Creation**
7. Mercy Street 6:23 Peter Gabriel***
8. No Love Lost 3:40 LCD Soundsystem

* The one-album wonder band who did Oasis's schtick better than Oasis ever did I think.
** Aka "The Max Fischer Theme Song."
*** Oddly enough, perhaps my least-favorite track on one of my all-time favorite records. Still a decent if mournful tune though.

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