Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is a public service announcement -- with facial hair!

Howdy all, going to break character today from my usual scintillating content, as this year I'm taking part in the Movember prostate cancer awareness fund-raiser event. What does it entail? No climbing mountains or marathon runs for me -- instead, I boldly step forward and offer to grow facial hair and not shave the entire month of November in order to support men's health and the fight against prostate cancer. I know, it's a big step for me, but I'm willing to put down the razor for a month for a good cause.

PhotobucketSo if you're able, please donate a couple bucks to the cause. American credit cards will be accepted (payment amount will be in NZ $). To donate to my Mo you can either:
1. Click right here and donate online using your credit card
2. If you're in NZ, write a cheque payable to ‘Movember Donations Account', referencing my Registration Number 1531176 and mailing it to: Movember, PO Box 12 708, Wellington 6144
All donations over $10 are tax deductible.

The money raised by Movember is used to raise awareness of men's health issues and donated to the Cancer Society of New Zealand and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. These two charities will use the money raised to fund research and increase support networks for those affected with prostate cancer and experiencing depression.

As if the cause weren't groovy enough, I pledge to show you a photo of yours truly at month's end with glorious hairness. Thanks in advance for your support, folks -- and yes, I will look like Magnum P.I.

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