Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday shuffle: Holy muscle of love

...Walking to work on a nice sunny morning and then it begins to rain on you. Welcome to New Zealand, mate!

Photobucket1. Defy You 3:49 The Offspring
2. Rael 1 5:45 The Who
3. Just Lose It 4:09 Eminem
4. Odditty 2:34 The Clean*
5. She's A Rainbow 4:13 The Rolling Stones
6. Muscle Of Love 3:46 Alice Cooper
7. The Passenger 4:43 Iggy Pop
8. An Unmarketed Product 1:08 Guided By Voices

*A very excellent New Zealand band. Fans of Pavement, check them out.
** I listened to about half this song not knowing who it was. From the Stones' wistful hippies phase I think.
*** The best song title ever. Biggest regret in life: When I interviewed Alice Cooper a couple years back, I didn't ask him about "Muscle of Love."
**** Which is better -- wild rabid dog Iggy or moody mystic Iggy? I can't decide.

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