Wednesday, June 1, 2005

ETC.: Linkorama

Because I have nothing much to say, trashy links and liberal Bush-bashing!
Lindsay Lohan's breasts. Now that I've got your attention and upped my Google hit count 500%, this cool medical blog asks what's up with the teen queen's weight loss. Because you care, darn it!

• I know, Paris Hilton's getting married. You're depressed. Read this great essay over at the Washington Post about Hilton's utter irrelevance and snap out of it.

• There have been many neighbors in my life I've wanted to do this to.

• Are audiobooks really "reading"? The New York Times explores the question (free registration required if you're not, but really, you should register).

• And finally, when all else fails, those who question you hate America:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush called a human rights report "absurd" for criticizing the United States' detention of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and said Tuesday the allegations were made by "people who hate America."
It'd be funny except, well, it's not. Anyway, Amnesty International, al-Qaida -- both start with the letter "A." Think about it.

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