Wednesday, June 15, 2005

LIFE: Tuesday rant

Tuesday rant: I walk to work a fair bit, especially now that I'm trying to lose 10 pounds by Labor Day. And nearly every day I get run over by some assclown who thinks pedestrians are optional to ignore. It's not something specific to my hometown -- it's everywhere, pretty much, that you have people in cars who think their metal shells exclude them from human decency. My wife actually got "bumped" by some clueless lady a couple years back when she was crossing a marked crosswalk on a green light. What I love are the people who sllllowwwwwly roll forward as you're crossing in front of them, just to get that extra inch or two closer to their goal. Never mind that the human foot is notoriously inept and it'd be quite easy to just pump the gas enough to turn my pedestrian self into organ soup. I don't really have a clue as to how to cleanse the world of all these drivers who ignore pedestrians -- I've written columns about it before, we even have a state law enforcing the pedestrian crossings, but it's never enforced. All I know is that if I meet my bitter end in a crosswalk at the hand of one of these self-absorbed sacks of flesh I'm going to do some serious haunting on their asses.

Life as a newspaper editor, installment #321 -- the couple who came in at lunchtime today with a two-headed cat. Actual cat, but with two faces kind of squashed up together. Not as gross as you can imagine, but pretty darn weird. I'd post a pic but it's kind of disturbing. See how glamorous the newspaper life is? (Edit: Just in case you're interested, we did end up writing about it. If you're strong-hearted, check out photo here.)

Gratuitous Baby Peter photo: Peter makes a clean sweep with his favorite new toy!

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