Saturday, June 25, 2005


Yes, it's been that kind of week. Anyway, a few miscellaneous Friday a.m. links...

• My full "Batman Begins" review, if you're interested, can be found here. I also headed down to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last weekend again and did a review of their great new "Twelfth Night" which I'll post a link to once it's online...

• Congrats to fellow blogger Greg and his wife on the birth of their second child, who looks uncannily familiar to me somehow... I dunno, though, Greg, Igraine?!

• Hey, remember that two-headed cat I mentioned last week? The one that showed up in our office with its owners and we ended up writing a quirky story (with gruesome photo) about? Of course, like any weird and or hideously freakish small-town news, it got picked up by the wire services worldwire. (Just go do a Google News search for "Roseburg kitten" and you will see news sites from India to South Africa picked it up.) Which meant all week long we've had pesky editors calling us seeking permission to run our photo, and a variety of freaks looking to exploit the cat.

The punchline? Turns out the cat died the same day we printed the original story. Probably for the best for the cat, although I guess the guy who wanted it for his circus is out of luck. Yeesh.

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