Tuesday, May 31, 2005

COMICS: Rapmaster Kool Mo Pope XVII

I normally leave the comic strip metacommentary to Josh at his superb Comics Curmudgeon blog, but this "Family Circus" cartoon demands extra ridicule:

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I mean, seriously, what the hell? Am I missing something? Or did the Keane gentlemen just look at a random magazine next to the drawing board, see stories about the new pope and rap music, smashed them together and figured, "Hell, that's a cartoon punchline!" and toddle off to the golf course for a quick nine holes? Josh has a whole section of his blog about the mysterious interior world of "Family Circus," and it's worth a read.

This is Exhibit #1321 on why 90% of today's aging, unkillable comic strips need a merciful death sentence. I'm looking at YOU, "B.C."!

Happy Memorial Day, all.

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