Monday, May 30, 2005

LIFE: Gots to get paid

Ah, back to the salt mines tomorrow... A holiday for most, but I agreed to come in and act as city editor on the skeleton crew putting out tomorrow's paper, then it's back to work as usual starting Tuesday. Two weeks off is nice, but by the end of it I definitely get a bit itchy for structure and deadlines again. Part of it is that our "getaway" was over last week, so this week has been relaxing, hanging around the house, lots of cool quality time with Peter, various errands and catching up on reading. Watched "Team America: World Police" today and covered Peter's ears for the copious swears and puppet sex scenes (four-word review: fitfully funny, but scattershot).

Work is weird, we all bitch about it when we're in the middle of it but taking a break from it and you suddenly see what a big part of the system of your life it is. I'm relatively lucky, I get paid for doing something I enjoy about 80% of the time, even if some days I want to be at a larger paper or in a different town.

And Avril's looking more seriously at working again by some point this summer... Before Peter was born we kind of decided the first year she'd stay at home and we'd see how we did, now it's going on 16 months and we've done OK, but to keep our savings from dwindling any more it's time she got a part-time job. (She had a solid well-paying job pre-baby, but unfortunately the employer doesn't do part-time work.) Which means we also have to figure out day care for P since our families are hundreds and thousands of miles away respectively. Aargh. I know millions of families across this fine land deal with this kind of stuff every day, but for us it's daunting. Our boy in the hands of strangers! But for his sake and our sake, I guess we have to take it to the next level. Wish us luck...

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