Tuesday, April 19, 2005

LIFE: Happy 14 Months, Peter

At 14 months old today, Baby Peter is developing his vocabulary. He's had words for a while but they make sense only to him. Cracking the code is where our parenting brains are focused lately. Words so far:
Tat = cat. First official word, we think.
Cah = car.
Ma ma = Mom, or, pay attention to me now.
Da = me
Ohhhh = extreme interest
Eh? = curiosity
nighnigh = good night (may be imagined on dad's part)
Gahwheeeeeeeeeeee = I'm going to jump on Daddy's groin now. (Oddly enough, same noise Daddy makes in response.)

Posting will be light this week as I'm deep in an annual 80-page project I head up. In the meantime consider entering our Jay's Days Giveaway contest (details in post immediately below). I got the package of prize stuff from that Canadian goof this weekend and there's some swell things, including collections of Jay's daily Internet strip, for the winners! So enter away!

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