Saturday, April 9, 2005

ETC.: This and that

Well, I realize I never did post my impressions of the "Sin City" movie but every other well-adjusted fanboy on the Internet already has. Suffice to say, excellent adaptation, although part of me felt it was a bit weird seeing Sin City in shades of gray -- obviously, they couldn't have imitated the comics' stark black-and-white imagery without doing it animated, and they did a good job replicating the look, but one of the things I love most about Frank Miller's comics is their absolute chiaroscuro (my $10 word for the day). Anyway, I dug it -- if you want more, read the ***1/2 of **** review I wrote for my day job over here.

People who deserve to be mercilessly beaten every day for the rest of their lives, Part One: The guy driving the big-ass Hummer in the middle of the road yesterday with the license plate, "PD CASH." Oh, bite me.

Gosh, "Lost" continues to be one of about four shows on the TV I can't miss (the others being "Scrubs," "Arrested Development" and "24"). This week's episode was particularly solid, with a surprising death and promises of upping the antagonism between several characters. Some people are grumbling that "Lost" doesn't give answers to the many questions it's posing, but it looks like some might be forthcoming. Anyway, in my mind it's more successful as a character study than some sweeping mystery. The risk with a show like this is it meanders off into "X-Files" territory, becoming a twisted mess of continuity and contradictions by the end. Hopefully the producers are smart enough to give us just enough answers to keep tuning in. If the show ends the first season on a high note, it's going to be a long summer of waiting...

People who deserve to be mercilessly beaten every day for the rest of their lives, Part Two:
The commentator I happened to overhear on the teevee the other day saying, "Amber Frey, the most famous mistress in history..." (Yeah, I had to look her up too. Something to do with the Scott Peterson trial.) And this is why I hardly ever watch TV news anymore.

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