Friday, April 15, 2005

COMICS: Troy Hickman, A God Among Men*

A huge big' old slap of the golden spatula congratulations to my old buddy Troy Hickman, who picked two Eisner Award nominations in the announcement today for comics' most prestigious awards, named after the late great Will Eisner.

Troy nabbed nominations for "Best Anthology" for his "Common Grounds" superhero slice-of-life series from Image comics (and where's the sequel, Image?) and "Best Short Story" nomination for “Where Monsters Dine,” by himself, Angel Medina and Jon Holdredge, in Common Grounds #5. Way to go, buckaroo!

I've known Troy since 1992 or so and had the joy of having him do some writing for my late, not-that-lamented "Amoeba Adventures" small press comic. He was absolutely the finest guest writer I ever had, and my most faithful critic/letter hound/obsessive fan to boot. Not one but two Eisner nods is the least the man deserves. (To give you some perspective, that's the same amount of nominations as Dan Clowes, Warren Ellis and Art Spiegelman.) Now, in manners of hygiene and breeding, he may be an unspeakable abomination from the pits, but the man can wield a pen. Now let's see some more projects from you, boyo!

* The terms "God," "Among" and "Men" may not necessarily be true.

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