Sunday, April 10, 2005

COMICS: Jay's Days Giveaway, REVISED!

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As Gob on "Arrested Development" would say, "I've made a huge mistake."

My Jay's Days Giveaway contest is a huge flop so far, and I sure want to share Jay's cool comix with folks, so I've realized my idea for the contest and that whole 'most embarrassing moments thing' was wayyyy too complicated. (And besides, as someone else pointed out, it's hard to write anything for this topic when you're as perfect as most bloggers are, wink wink.) Anyway, forget that idea. I'm big enough to admit I'm lame and so -- new Jay's Days Contest rules!

So here's the scoop — instead of some huge essay, in following with Jay's autobiographical comic theme, I want you to pretend you've written your own life story, and come up with a catchy title for it that'll get those books moving off the shelves. Then, e-mail me your autobiography's title to nikdirga @ You'll have a shot at winning Jay's latest book "Jay's Days Vol. 3: Rise and Fall of the Pasta Shop Lothario" plus even more rare and early work by this great cartoonist. The winners will be picked from the most original, funniest and whatever the co-judge, my wife, likes the most. Feel free to tell us more about your imaginary autobiography if you want -- dust jacket copy, perhaps?

New deadline is April 29, and you can find more details about Jay's groovy comics and what the prizes are on my original now-updated post here, or at his Web site. C'mon, let's get some entries coming in, by gum! I know I'm far from the most read spot in the blogosphere, but some of you have got to want cool free comic swag!

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