Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday shuffle: Remember me to one who lives there

Photobucket1. Beat The Clock 3:49 Sparks
2. Girl From The North Country 3:44 Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash*
3. Like A Prayer 5:52 Madonna **
4. Brushed 3:33 Paul Weller
5. I Keep A Close Watch 3:30 John Cale
6. Falling Through Your Clothes 2:54 The New Pornographers
7. Praying Hands 2:48 Devo
8. Jump They Say 3:55 David Bowie ***

* I know it's not considered one of Dylan's "top" efforts but the album this comes from, Nashville Skyline, is probably in my personal top five. Dylan just sounds so warm and comfortable, and it's a casual yet addictive sort of ode to the joys of hearth and home.
** Hey, remember when Madonna was still considered edgy and not some crazy African-baby stealing exercise nut?
*** A sorely underrated Bowie tune, and one of the very few to deal explicitly with his personal life (specifically, his mentally ill half-brother's suicide).

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