Monday, January 22, 2007

Land of the sick

...So most of last week, Peter was the sickest he's ever been, with various things coming out of all orifices, lots of lying around with a dazed expression on his face, an unheard-of amount of napping. On the one hand, it certainly made him easier to handle than normal, but it's actually more stressful caring for a sick kid than a well one. He's typically an extraordinarily healthy kid so this was a novelty for us, usually he gets nothing more than occasional sniffles.

One bright side - I had to take him to the doctor Wednesday to make sure he didn't have something truly nasty, and the visit cost a grand total of $18. (And that's apparently on the high side for here, but we wanted to go to the closest doctor.) Ah, cheap medical care! Back in the US I'd still be fretting about whether he was sick enough for us to afford the likely $100 or so co-payment (or deductible or whatever you want to call that nonsense that our so-called "insurance" paid for) that a five-minute doctor's visit would cost us.

Now Peter is much better and nearly ate his own body weight in food yesterday.

Of course, now Avril's got the dread pox and out sick from work today, and I'm downing vitamins left and right to ensure I don't get it next. And continuing to work on my nursing skills. Argh!

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