Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LIFE: Assume the fetal position, hyperventilate

The Lord is testing us, we figure. Pile it on! So we're frantically trying to pack up the house and what's left of it in our final 2 1/2 weeks in Oregon. What to store, what to try and cram in the suitcases, what to try to ship to New Zealand? Trying to clean up the house. Discovering half the spare bedroom in our house is suffering severe water damage because of the crap insulation and is about to rot away (fortunately, our landlord's problem, not ours). Being told the car needs a 90,000-mile checkup and having the auto shop try to gouge an unneeded $500 repairs out of me as well.

But heck, we need a little more disruption in our lives. So yesterday Peter fell off a chair in our Backyard of Death and hit his head on the concrete, resulting in his first official Bleeding Head Wound. It wasn't pretty and mighty scary for a couple minutes, but my parents have warned me about not freaking out at the first head wound (for my brother and I, these were almost daily occurrences). We called everyone we knew with kids for advice and applied pressure to the head. Peter was back to normal in five minutes' time except for complaining, "I hurt my head." He spent the rest of the day on ice cream and watching his beloved "Dora the Explorer" and "Bob the Builder" videos and appears on the way to recovery. The wound was just shy of needing stitches, thank the Lord. If it were any longer than a half-inch or so it would've been Peter's first trip to the Urgent Care Clinic – a trek that, with our bouncing lad's hyperactivity, I'm sure lurks in the not-so distant future.

And THEN, then, as if bleeding toddlers and cross-Pacific migration anxiety weren't enough, our brand spanking new MacBook computer began acting up this weekend, spontaneously shutting down for no apparent reasons several times a day. Apparently, I discover through Mr. Google, this is a kinda widespread problem. Sonofabitch. We're covered under warranty and all, so we should be able to get Apple to fix it or replace it, but really, really, we didn't need to deal with this as well.

If anybody needs me, I'll be curled up in a ball somewhere, whimpering quietly.

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