Tuesday, April 25, 2006

LIFE: T-minus 6 Months

Image hosting by PhotobucketWell, it's official. We bought our tickets today for a one-way trip to New Zealand exactly 6 months from yesterday; we leave the American shores for good (?) Oct. 23. So unless we want to punt a couple thousand in plane tickets, this pretty much makes it graven in stone that we're on the way. You can't actually hear the freaking out but it's going on; Avril has already moved from scared to excited although I'm dwelling more on denial at the moment. You get sucked into the day-to-day drudgery of things that you kind of forget that "everything will change" quite soon now... and there's a million and one things to do between now and October. We must have the mother of all yard sales. A few dozen friends I'd like to visit. A cat to find a home for (anybody?). Must learn proper use of "bloke" and "mate." Oh, and at some point must really think about getting a job.

And on Wednesday, I have to get fingerprinted by 'the man' as part of the FBI Records Check I need to complete at part of my visa approval program, to make sure I don't have any violent or dissident history in my past. Only two speeding tickets between 1990-2006 that I can recall; they don't count it as murder if they can't find the bodies after all. Thankfully, Avril has been the one navigating the lion's share of bureaucracy and immigration forms I'll have to navigate as I wend my way toward (eventually) dual citizenship, which Avril and P already have. I am a man of the world!

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