Saturday, August 20, 2005

THE WEEK OF LISTS: Top 8.5 Recent Search
Terms For This Page

...Because I haven't had a chance to finish another post I'm working on, here's a Friday space filler as Week Of Lists winds down! Recent search terms to this site:

1. "How to Say I Am Sorry In Hawaiian." By getting "lei'd."
2. "Transatlantic Chicken Wicken."
3. "Reagan" "Captain America." You know, he really wasn't.
4. "Creature from the Black Lagoon metaphors." Sometimes a swamp creature is just a swamp creature. Unless it's the Man-Thing.
5. "Vaya con dios, chili surf."
6. "What did Kate do?" I don't know, but I'm sure Google will tell you.
7. "Painter artist Spatula Sunshine." This will be my new pseudonym.
8. "Utah and Mormon Church references in 'Point Break.'" YES!!! I am the #1, and, um, only hit for this topic.
8.5 ...And weirdly enough, I keep having people searching for me by my first and last name (which are both quite unusual and I feel fairly sure I'm the only me there is). Do you ever wonder who it is that's doing that searching for you? Old friends? Enemies? The IRS? That guy whose beer I spit in back in 1993 at a bar in Mississippi? Egads. Who are you, who are you?

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