Thursday, August 25, 2005

ETC: Babelfish Deja Vu, or,
"Not being declared and seeing" is, but it means thing."

Because I have little time and less inspiration to write a post today -- I present the first paragraph of yesterday's post translated into Japanese and then back into English again through the wonders of Babelfish. Honestly, you could spend all day doing this. This blog looks so cool in Russian.

"Like other time of your life there is no your 1st grade of the university. The raw materials of insanity happen. I Mississippi of the far far side which I from the high school of bright California end completely in another world - the magnificence, the traditional did in 1990 and rather than in the university which makes the getting wet like the demonian being used for I, deep south it jumped. I now possessed strange accent, I "was the California man, whether or not I the surf do many times," rather than and me being asked, me it counts it is possible, you obtained, (explaining, I did not sink for the people, you raised 200 miles from the ocean). I the people of various diversified oddball of the dormitory -- the boundary line where the maniac, the black people, race discrimination principle person, hip man, hippie and jocks intelligence are late, with me in the variety when my itself volition probably will not pass the time under any condition, but still just a little the cool mostly kind of people it met. There like everyone, I when still I was brought up me, had done the fact that is who was solved. As for me candidly, you must do vibe, concerning in detail my university day, as for obtaining entirely. "Not being declared and seeing" is, but it means thing."

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