Friday, August 26, 2005

LIFE: Ow, my wrist, ow

• Read my review of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" here. Me likey.

• My New Zealand in-laws are off for a month-long trek to China this weekend. Meanwhile, I sit here at a desk. Yeah, I feel really sorry for them too. Good luck on the trip, Peter and Sylvia!

• Man, my wrist hurts. After working around computers for the last decade or so, I seem to be developing carpal tunnel problems in my mouse hand. Owch owch owch. You can use a computer for years and all of a sudden problems develop, apparently. The weird thing is, I'm left-handed, but I've always used my mouse with my right hand, because that's the way most computers are set up. Now that using the mouse causes stabs of searing pain in my wrist, to give it a rest I'm trying to use the mouse with the southpaw. Which is amazingly difficult, all things considered. I'm down to about 3/4 normal speed at work and other typing until I get the hang of this. I always thought I was immune to carpal tunnel issues, but that's what I get for being cocky, and for having appallingly bad posture at the computer. I'm too tall for most desk set-ups at 6' 2", and crouching down to reach the equipment has done its damage. Any remedies besides lots of Ben Gay and rest?

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