Saturday, September 4, 2004

Went ahead and signed up for the fall session of yoga class the other day. I started taking yoga back in January, but the class has been on summer break for a couple months. Unfortunately, my much-vaunted plans to actually practice my yoga "skills" during hiatus came to naught, between work, vacations, sheer laziness and dealing with the baby. So I need to work myself back into the game before Sept. 20.

I do really enjoy yoga, though. I have always been a flexible guy but as I enter my mid-thirties some of the get-up-and-go has got up and went, and I'd rather keep in shape now than have to start from scatch later. I've got a good instructor, who doesn't get too hippie-dippie about it all, and I think the structure of having the weekly class to go to is a good way to keep me into it. It's fun, a chance to test your physical abilities and get more in touch with your body's quirks. I've done better than I thought I might, although it helped that half the class I've been in were elderly ladies. Now that I've taken "beginning yoga" twice, I'm going to attempt "intermediate" and see if I can hack it. Twists and turns lie ahead...

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