Tuesday, September 7, 2004

This 'n' that:
• Had a fine Labor Day trip over to the coast, where we went to our favorite seaside haunt of Bandon. We visited the really fun West Coast Game Park, a 'walk-through safari' like a combination between a zoo and a petting zoo. Lots of fun because they had huge herds of tame llamas, deer, goats, Barbary sheep and more just wandering around and you could pet them all freely. Peter was quite google-eyed. The goats tried to nibble on the stroller but didn't like it. I got to pick up a baby leopard and hold it which was groovy indeed. A nice outing and we had a brief walk on the windy beach and I ate seafood.

• Finally got to watch some episodes of the new Justice League Unlimited cartoon on the Cartoon Network this weekend. So far I'm liking it; unlike the previous "Justice League" series this one features a rotating cast of characters. A nifty "variety show" of superhero action; who would ever have imagined you could see such C-list superfolk like The Question and B'wana Beast on a cartoon? And it's a charge to see the Green Arrow get animated. Fun stuff!

• Man, September is the cruelest month for those of us looking to save a little cash. After 50 years of waiting or so, the first three Star Wars movies worth a damn come out on DVD Sept. 21 (yeah, I know they're not quite the "originals," but hey, I still own those on VHS if I want to see a version where Greedo doesn't shoot first). The geekgasm comprehensive "Clerks X" three-disc anniversary DVD comes out Tuesday. Then Elvis Costello's groovy new album "The Delivery Man" follows. Finally, after nearly 20 years, the seventh and final book in Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series (fittingly called "The Dark Tower") arrives Sept. 21. Urk! What a month!

• Get well soon, President Clinton.

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