Monday, June 7, 2004

From the Weird Tales department:
...So back before Peter was born, sometime in January, Avril lost her wedding ring. It just disappeared one weekend and she was quite bummed. It wasn't a fancy ring; neither of us go in for spending lots of dough on jewelery, so we got the set of rings back in 1999 quite cheaply, but it had sentimental value and such, especially as we approach our fifth anniversary this fall. But the ring was nowhere to be found. We figured it maybe had gone down a drain as she'd been having trouble keeping it on her finger.

Fast-forward to six months later, and we have a baby boy instead of a big belly, and Avril's making strawberry jam in the kitchen while I'm bonding with Peter. One of my quirks is that I like to suck on ice cubes sometimes and so I went to the freezer to pick one up. I dig, and I saw a funny goldish looking ice cube buried in the ice cube maker. I pull it out -- and the long-lost wedding ring appears! Avril was quite shocked.

We figure it slipped off her finger last winter when she went to get ice. And sat there all along. The ring doesn't have a diamond on it but it appeared to be "ice" just the same. Curious....

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