Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Chuck Austen is widely blasted in the world of Internet geekdom as one of the worst writers in comics. Here, from DC Comics' September solicitations, is the solicitation text from one of the books he writes:

Written by Chuck Austen, art by Ivan Reis and Marc Campos, cover by Arthur Adams.
Introducing Sodom & Gomorrah, a new husband-and-wife super-villain team prepared to give Superman a sound beating.

Wow, Superman goes S&M!!

So um, assuming the writer understands what the name "Sodom" implies to most these days, that would mean Sodom sodomizes and Gomorrah -- well, she gives them gonorrhea or somesuch. Or so I imagine. Can't wait 'til next month when Chuck gives us "The Social Disease and his kid sidekick, Herpes."

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