Monday, June 21, 2004

Happy Father's Day to me! It's strange to have holidays that mean one thing to you for most of your life suddenly start to mean something else. For years Father's Day to me meant remembering my own Dad, getting the gifts and cards and so forth, phone calls when I got older. But now all of a sudden I'm the subject of a Father's Day. Little Peter got me a nice little plastic folding map of Portland this morning (our other one is about 30 acres in size and torn to pieces) and a card with his handprint on it where he wrote this:
I love my Daddy
he makes me fly and
bounce and gives me
toys and he's the best
Daddy ever! (at least I think that's
what goo aaEEEgah means)

...I think Mom had some hand in translating some of that. ;)

Anyway yesterday was one of those days where fatherhood isn't all sweetness and happy faces. With our friend Sun we went up to Eugene for the day and their fantastic Saturday Market, eating fancy food and eyeballing the people, then we did a little shopping. Peter was great about 2/3 of the day, but started getting cranky in mid-afternoon. Then to our dismay he spent the ENTIRE hourlong drive back south screaming, whining and crying at the top of his lungs. Not so fun. He's usually good in cars but yesterday was a cranky day. It's very hard to not get distracted driving with a baby going WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. We stopped a couple times to feed him/change him but something more existential seemed to bother him. Just tired and not able to sleep I think. By the end of the trip we were all gritting our teeth and tuning the poor lad out. He perked up when we got home and has been a smiling angel all this morning to make up for it. My friend Sun had the patience of a saint because if it were me I would've hitchhiked home probably.

But you take the good with the not-so-much good. When most of it is as good as it has been even the bad moments don't seem too rough by comparison.

And he's 4 months old and just started to be able to stay sitting up on his own! What a man! (Very wobbily, but hey...)

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