Thursday, June 3, 2004

The Never Ending Battle...
Ah, the comics budget. Some people have crack, I have my monthly comics purchase from the fine folks at Westfield Comics. I fondly recall the days when comics were a mere 60 cents or so a pop, instead of the $3 they average these days. I cut wayyyy back on the monthly buys a while back when Little Peter's arrival was announced, and these days I'm trying to keep the budget down to a manageable $60-$75 a month instead of the $100 or more it's been known to hit. There are more important things than comics to spend money on but it would be tragic to reach the point where we can't buy them at all.

But it's difficult. There's a lot of good stuff out there, in addition to the ever-corpulent tide of crapola. Take a look at my "likely to buy" list for Westfield's August order form and see what I mean:
Doom Patrol #3(probably won't last long but I'm a Doom Patrol junkie and loved Byrne before he got cranky)
Identity Crisis #3
Superman/Batman #13
WE3 #1
Y - Last Man #25
Amazing Spider-Man #511
Avengers #501
Daredevil #63
Essential Iron Fist Vol. 1
500+ pages of '70s kung fu goodness for $15. I love the essential books
Fantastic Four #517
Runaways #18
Secret War #3
Spectacular Spider-Man #18
Ultimate Nightmare #1
Ultimate Spider-Man Set (#63 & 64)
X-Statix #26
Powers #3
Tales from the Bully Pulpit One-Shot
(it's Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt in a time machine! How can you NOT buy it?)
Wanted #6
A1/Bloodman Special: Mr. Monster - WWII
(I loves the Mr. Monster and can't pass this up)
Love & Rockets Vol. 2 #11
Comics Buyer's Guide #1597
maybe -- I like the idea of the revamp for this although I haven't seen the final product yet.

...Fortunately or sadly "X-Statix" and "Runaways" are kicking the bucket soon so that's it for them, but there's always something to take their place. That list is $80+ of comics even with Westfield's excellent discounts (it'd probably be $100 straight from a shop). Alas, addiction is painful... Comics freaks, how much do you spend a month on average? Tell me I'm average!

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