Monday, June 22, 2009

In which the years weigh heavy. Damn you, Weird Al!

Oh my God. Weird Al Yankovic's magnum opus movie "UHF" is 20 years old this year.

It's just the trigger, really. I keep having this sensation a lot lately. A heck of a lot of "20 years since..." moments so far in 2009, each of which makes me feel crepuscular and stunned. 20 years since Michael Keaton "Batman"? 20 years since the Berlin Wall? Since the Pixies' "Dolittle" and Elvis Costello's "Spike"? Next year is my 20th high school reunion which is likely no big thing to those older than I, but in my own little wee brain, egad, I am so old.

Twenty years since "UHF!" Geezus!

What's in the box?

(It's by no means a great movie but it is an eminently silly, amiable one, and I fondly recall seeing it back in the theater with my old pals in the Tomato Warriors™ back in the day. While Weird Al's music is kind of hit-or-miss, and really, you can't keep that parody thing fresh forever, "UHF" still brings back fond memories of road trips to Santa Cruz, "Wheel of Fish," the immortal "Spatula City" and more. Godspeed, Albert.)

[Weird fact: Apparently in New Zealand it was titled "The Vidiot From UHF." No foolin'.]

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